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Technology Consulting

The "nuts and bolts" of SEO for the greater Minneapolis/St Paul metro region is FAR TOO  complicated to get into here - It's much easier for you to call me and "pick my brain" about it ...You're welcome to call and do just that - Ask me anything you want to.

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Specific Niche Development

I will make every effort to individualize your site in your specific niche and make you stand out above the rest, adding the SEO necessary to have you rising above them in search positions, getting you more lead calls ...

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Fast, Effective Web Design

The old rumor, "I've been waiting 5 months for my site" doesn't apply here at Hitmasterseo. I'll deliver your site in a fast, expedient manner, delivering the elements that make a site rise above your competition!

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The Reach of The World

If you sell goods or are looking to, I can build you a site that will have every element it takes to make you successful, providing incorporation of PayPal to make the process of selling online a "snap", allowing you to concentrate on your profits and tweaking your business.

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I-Phone & I-Pad Friendly scripting

Not just ANY web page construction scripting will do - You need HTML5 scripting so that you "please and appease" Google on down the line when your site is finished and headed toward the top of the Google search positions.

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Web Design for the metro

Search engine Optimization

It's one thing to have a gorgeous, people-pleasing site, and quite another to have it found by the masses. Search engine optimization is essential to be found in the top spots when the public searches for you. Optimal SEO is a must.

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Incorporating PayPal Services

Using PayPal at every turn

Collecting your funds from the things you sell can either be difficult and time-consuming or it can be effortless - Leave it to me to streamline your business so that you can concentrate on the things you find more important, eliminating the paperwork.

In the process of getting you up and running, feel free to call whenever you like and let me know if you think of new ways to make money. I'll work with you to get what you want.

How It Works

Step 1

Give me a call now and let's discuss what you're looking to do and make what you're dreaming come to life!

Step 2

After we come to terms, I'll get to work, putting together what you need to get your new or old business up & making money!

SEO Minneapolis style simply means taking your business and sending it to the top of the search results where the public will find you & give you money.

Let's face it - You're here because you're not being found on the web and are looking for someone that can put you into a position on Google and other search engines to be found easily and effectively. It all comes down to the money. The money your business needs to take in to pay your overhead, taxes, payroll (if you have one), and come out ahead when all the bills are paid. My name is Joe and I know exactly what you're out to find and what you need to get out of an SEO transaction.

Just call me - You'll be relieved to have found me. 651-263-3220

I'm glad to help you. Call now - 651-263-3220