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St Paul / Minneapolis search engine optimization = local services business success.
Local success means being on the 1st page of Google and getting more phone calls.

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Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization / St Paul SEO


Global / Regional
Business Optimization

If you have a "sales" site, you'll likely prefer Global optimization, to sell to the world. A "services" site tends to require regional saturation, which caters to the audience in your region, the Twin Cities metro.

Apple friendly

I-Phone & I-Pad
Depend on Apple Display

The more you learn about having a site built, the more you may hear about the importance of getting a site done that's unskewed on Apple products.
I-Phones / I-Pads display HTML5 beautifully.

HTML5 design

Do You Really
Have Time to Wait?

The longer you wait, the longer it'll take for your phone to start ringing. It equates to money lost, since there are customers that don't even know where you are - The call is free - 651-263-3220.


HTML5 Design + SEO
= Top Spots on Google

I build in HTML5, which Google absolutely LOVES, unlike a lot of other scripting that Google totally dismisses as though it isn't even there. "Appeasing" Google is priority ONE. With Google, HTML5 rules!

Outstanding Results:


• No absurd pricing - You'll be glad we met.
• I always deliver. I would never let you down.
• I'm local, easy to contact by phone or email.
• I know & share your entrepreneurial spirit.
• With my proper optimization, you'll rise to the top.

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again, in spite of it all.

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Google #1 Gets 45.5% of clicks

The Local Optimization Process ...

1. I'll consider your business niche ...

Based on your niche, I'll assess the elements on your site that need to be optimized and adjust those elements to match what the search engines are looking for in your site that would make it eligible for a top ranking position.

Web design

2. I'll pit your site against your competition ...

Whether you consider the top 10 your competition or not, they are. The guy down the street, that you see as your competitor, is irrelevent at this point. Your NEW competitors are the others vying for a top 10 Google spot.


3. I'll optimize it among the present top 10 ...

Finally, I'll have you outranking all of the others, in your same business niche, presently occupying the top 10 positions on Google, and make your site "pristine" in the eyes of the Google scan spiders. You WILL prevail!

Web Design for Search Engines ...

You'll love the new HTML-5 web design - It provides graceful movement just like Flash, without the frown Flash gets from Google search engine spiders.

   I build beautiful, customer-catching pages with
   motion, if it's what you want, I'm here to help!

  • Affordable web design displaying only the best
  • • Well known, trusted, fast and easy to reach
  • • Unsurpassed design expertise / unbeatable SEO
White Hat vs. Black Hat Optimization

You have a decision to make that you may not even know confronts you. Out in this big world, you have a lot of people that "claim" to do search engine optimization. In that crowd, you have the "White Hat" optimization guys ...and then there's the Black Hat bunch. Guys (and gals) that claim to have you up into the Google rankings in a week or two are likely among the very avoidable Black Hat crowd. They use tactics that will, indeed, get you up onto the second and even the first page very quickly ...but when Google finds their tactics (and they WILL, they always do), your site WILL be sunk into the depths of the search pages never to return.

The "never to return" part of that is true. When Google banishes a site from it's ranking for using Black Hat techniques to attain high rankings, you can kiss that site good-by. That also entails making the domain name useless, requiring a new domain name to be bought, losing the advantage of the age of said domain name, and starting from scratch. The GOOD news is that there IS White Hat SEO. Black Hat practitioners will never disclose the fact that they use these tactics, you find that out the hard way, by losing your domain to the exiled depths or even banned altogether. Black Hat is easy. White Hat SEO requires you know what you're doing. I only practice White Hat SEO and use it to YOUR advantage, getting you high ranking results with no threat to your domain and a big boost to your bottom line.

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